Will be a major player in the healthcare sector, committed to manufacturing and distributing high quality pharmaceutical products, to improve human health and well-being.

  • Address: Zone 5A Industrial Area,No. 64,
    10th of Ramadan, Egypt
  • Phone: (20554) 410 901/902/903/904/905
  • Email: info@wnb-eg.com

Serve Patients

  • We put patients at the heart of decisions we make.
  • We seek to understand patients’ journeys and with our passion and persistence, help each patient find answers and deliver transformative therapies that change lives.
  • We collaborate and partner with the world around us to create value for patients.

Empower People

  • We trust, value, respect and empower team members.
  • We unlock value through diversity of people, ideas, cross-functional collaboration and continuous learning.
  • We celebrate success and embrace failure as an opportunity to learn and improve.
  • The freedom to make mistakes and to admit to them without fear of retribution.

Act with Integrity

The highest standards of integrity will be maintained at all times.

  • We embrace compliance and quality as essential to everything we do.
  • We build trust and earn credibility by doing things the right way.
  • We are all leaders and accountable to each other, patients, customers, stakeholders and shareholders.


We are unconventional, visionary and bold. We “connect the dots” others overlook. We see possibilities and bring them to life.

  • We love to challenge the status quo and introduce new and better ways to help people everywhere enjoy a higher quality of life.
  • We innovate with discipline and focus to seek creative solutions in all aspects of our work.
  • We take balanced risks and encourage experimentation.
  • We actively listen with humility to diverse internal and external inputs, and harness new ideas.


Dependable. Reliable. Call it what you will, we've made it a habit. We strive to be there through thick and thin, rain or shine, delivering on every promise, every time. That's why people around the corner and across the world count on us.

Business Ethics

No statement of principled behaviour can ever cover every situation, or deal with every contingency. It can only set the tone, making each individual responsible for applying that tone to his or her everyday practice.

  • We adopt the highest ethical standards in all our work processes. We work with commitment to foster and favor behavior which is ethically correct.
  • Always do what is right, proper and ethical, and encourage your colleagues to do so.
  • Speak out when you think that wrongs are being committed in WNB’s name.
  • Be loyal, but only to that which is just, equitable, honorable and principled.

We truly care about our users and our product.